Tennis Academy
The best of Professional Tennis in the Swiss Alps
Malvern College Switzerland Tennis Academy

The objective at the MCS Tennis Academy is to provide aspiring tennis players with a strong education both on and off the court. Tennis is a game that requires intense dedication in order to compete on a serious level, and in particular in Switzerland where tennis is taken very seriously. The MCS Tennis Academy is there to help players reach their full tennis potential through a rigorous, structured programme, whilst making sure that education is not neglegted.
Tennis Academy
A prestigious game with a distinguished British education in the Swiss Alps.

We have selected a team of experienced and highly qualified coaches and educators who help pupils
achieve the highest results in their educational
their training process.

Why Choose?
Malvern College Switzerland Tennis Academy

Premium British Education - Pre-IGCSE / IGCSE / A Level
A school that will combine the 155 years academic excellence of Malvern College with the opportunities and advantages of a quality lifestyle in the Swiss Alps.
Professional Swiss & European Coaches
Swiss and European highly qualified tennis coaches are the perfect additional motivation to practise English, French or Spanish.
Daily indoor and outdoor training in Swiss Alps
MCS Tennis Academy combines a professional tennis programme geared towards developing the motivated and competition eager individual player with the quality education available at Malvern College Switzerland.
Weekly training & matches with Swiss Elite Players
Friendly matches and training with local Swiss ranked players.
Personalised Training
Individualised Learning
A Stunning Location
Health and Safety

Malvern College Switzerland
Tennis Academy

The exclusively designed weekly timetable for IGCSE & A Level classes with a professional tennis training programme
Morning Training
Mo - Fr
7:00am - 8:00am
Afternoon Training
Mo - We - Fr
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Afternoon Training
Tu - Th
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Daily Practice
For one hour a day, players can practice their own skills at available court time
Weekend Games
Minimum of 3 hours a day practice games (Saturday 7:00am - 10:00am)
Players will participate at Swiss and European Tournaments year-round
Athletic Training
1,5 hours a week of athletics training either indoor or through the nature trails
Fitness & Cardio
1,5 hours of fitness and cardio/endurance training
Theoretical Classes
3 hours of theory instruction with
video analysis of the games

Our Coaches
Malvern College Switzerland Tennis Academy

Christine Suard
Director and Head Coach
Christine Suard brings over 20 years of coaching experience in Switzerland, Europe, the United States and the Emirates. Our players benefit from her vast experience - she currently trains several top-10 Swiss junior players in Leysin who are now competing internationally.

Christine directs a team of experienced Swiss and international coaches and sport experts that share a real passion for tennis. The team runs a well-established, successful programme that brings out the very best in each player.
Vincent Ginier
While Vincent passes the winter months on the slopes of Les Mosses as Director of the Ski School, he spends the rest of the year coaching on Leysin's tennis courts. As President of Tennis Club Leysin, Vincent manages the club's diverse program that offers something for everyone. Vincent also plays an active role in our competition program, including the Swiss Tennis interclubs as a player and assistant coach.

Vincent looks forward to teaching tennis to an international mix of players – and can offer instruction in french, english, german and swiss-german fluently. Having been born and raised in the local mountains, Vincent is also a great resource for everything alpine about the region. For tennis, Vincent takes his formation seriously and enjoys sharing new innovative ideas with his coaching team from the perspective of a motivated player. You'll often see him sparring with players long after the training has ended.
Joana Roda
As a former top player in Portugal, 6-time national beach tennis champion, tennis coach and physical conditioning enthusiast, Joana brings dynamic skills, experience, and endless energy and enthusiam to our competition team. After ten years coaching for the Portugese Tennis Federation, Joana joined our team in Leysin as a competition coach and to lead the physical conditioning program which is personalized for each player. She accompanies players to tournaments in Switzerland and abroad, including TEN-PRO, Tennis Europe and ITF tournaments. You'll often see her running the trails in Leysin early on a chilly winter morning in shorts - and always with a huge smile!
Shelley Lugon-Moulin
After a career in three countries consulting large multinational companies, Shelley and her family moved to Leysin for the quality of life, international population, and its tennis courts. An active player and assistant coach, Shelley's primary role is organizing our events and competition program, including over 20 Swiss Tennis tournaments in Leysin. Shelley, known to be one of the biggest promoters of tennis in Leysin (and fan of Roger Federer), is also in charge of our marketing and promotion activities. Known as the « Team Mom », she is always available to assist the players and always ready with her camera to document the tennis activities.

Our Competitions
Malvern College Switzerland Tennis Academy

Top 100 ranked professional tennis players, aged 13 to 17, of any world nation can apply for 10% to 35% MCS Scholarship
Apply for up to 35% MCS Scholarship
Tuition & Tennis Academy fees includes:
1. Tuition and boarding at MCS residence
2. Classes - 40h. per week
3. Project Based Learning - 10h. per week
4. Homework preparation - 17h. per week
5. Morning trainings - 5h. per week
6. Afternoon trainings - 8h. per week
7. Friendly matches - 3h. per week
8. Joint trainings with Swiss players - 3h. per week
9. Athletic preparation - 1,5h. per week
10. Fitness & Cardio - 1.5h. per week
11. Theoretical classes and video analyses - 1.5h. per week
A Prestigious Location
  • An orderly society which welcomes international students
A Focus on Health and Safety
  • A unique location favourable to a healthy lifestyle
  • Ideally situated for accessible outdoor sports
  • A safe, stable, and secure environment
  • Winter and summer sports available
Switzerland promotes internationalism
  • Located in the centre of Europe Switzerland is an excellent home-base
  • Switzerland has four official national languages + English
  • Famous for neutrality, a keeper of peace, and home to many of the world's large multinationals and NGO's
  • A landlocked country of breathtaking scenery
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