University Preparation
From September 2021, we will offer a bespoke course for pupils who are 17 years old and planning to move on to university. This course focuses on developing the skills and habits of mind needed to make the best of a university education. Pupils on the pre-University course are able to hone their skills in many fields.
Skills Developed
Getting ready for the independent study required at university.
Becoming proficient at extracting the relevant information and condensing it.
Preparedness for academic writing and convention.
Getting to know their own strengths and weaknesses and how to become the best version of themselves.
Time Management
Learning to cope with deadlines and workload in a sustainable and efficient manner.
Independent Project Work
Learning how to research and work with others in a variety of contexts.
This course includes instruction in the following:
Honing numeracy for university study.
Academic English
Further practice in the use of English in an academic context.
Study of the philosophy of science and its application as a general preparation for university courses of all types.
Life Skills & ICT
Preparation for living life independently and away from home. Training for greater ease in the use of computers for study.
Further instruction in a chosen modern foreign language.
Global Perspectives and Thinking Skills
Instruction in current affairs, politics and citizenship. Exploration of the history of thought and ways of thinking.