Academic Overview
Our highly qualified academic staff encourage a scholarly approach in our pupils and look to nurture in them the habits and skills of independent learning which will equip them not only for success at school, but also at university and in their future careers.

Developing intellectual curiosity & a love of learning

Malvern College Switzerland builds on the proud traditions of Malvern College UK in fostering scholarship. We follow a traditional, academic British curriculum infused with a determinedly global outlook. Experimentation and risk-taking is encouraged within a safe and supportive environment so that all of our pupils develop life-long habits of learning.

Whatever their starting point, successful Malvernians are defined by a range of personal qualities that underpin their successes and their value to others. These are a clearly outlined set of 'qualities' that are at the foundation of everything we do at MCS. Both pupils and staff are encouraged to reflect on how they apply them in their daily lives.

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils leave us with the examination results and habits of mind that afford them access to the most highly regarded universities in the world.

Working towards fluency in English

As an international school, many of our pupils are not native English speakers. We have extensive support available for pupils throughout the school (EAL) to assist them in becoming fluent in English.