The First British-Branded
Boarding School in Switzerland

The First British-Branded
Boarding School in Switzerland

Co-Ed Boarding
11 - 18 years old
IGCSE / A Levels
Founded on a history of academic excellence spanning 155 years in the UK, Malvern College Switzerland is proud to provide the best of British education in a unique and stunning Alpine location.

Switzerland enjoys a reputation for safety and excellent education. Offering the globally recognised gold standard of British academic qualifications, Malvern College Switzerland is the perfect choice for pupils from all over the world who are aiming for a top university in the UK, the US or their own country.
Malvern College Switzerland (MCS) pupils are provided with a rigorous and stimulating academic experience focusing on the British curriculum.

A classic programme focusing on the British National Curriculum (Y7 & Y8), Pre-IGCSE (Y9), IGCSE (Y10 & Y11), A Level (Y12 & Y13).

Courses are enhanced through MCS's innovative approach to co-curricular activities and to Project-based Learning. Pupils are provided with an unrivalled opportunity to make the most of their education as they progress through their most important years of development.
Malvernians fortunate enough to be located in Leysin, a unique and polyglot Alpine village, have an array of opportunities at their fingertips.

The village is blessed with sports and activities for all seasons, giving pupils a chance to engage in a vast variety of experiences rarely available in one location.

Additionally, as all MCS pupils are members of a boarding school, pupils are able to dive deep into the world of different clubs and co-curricular activities. They can do this with their peers out of school hours, creating bonds and friendships that will follow them throughout their time at MCS and well into the future.
MCS pupils will be able to take full advantage of Switzerland, its incredible beauty, traditions, and all that it has to offer including the many cultural and historic sites that are nearby.

Swiss excursions will include: CERN, Theatres, Museums, Swiss Castles, Art & Music Festivals, United Nations, Red Cross, Geneva, Bern, Lausanne and Montreux.

Switzerland, being located in the centre of Europe, gives MCS pupils the chance to go on several different European trips depending on their year, club, or programme.

Cultural trips nearby include: Milan, Rome, Venice, Paris, Madrid, Prague and Nice amongst many others.
Malvern College Switzerland's beautiful Alpine campus is a wonderful place to learn. There are well-equipped, en-suite rooms for 2-3 pupils, providing a comfortable and secure home away from home for your child. Rooms also boast spectacular Alpine views - the perfect, serene setting for quality learning.
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